Organic Flour Light 85% 20kg Four Leaf Milling ACO

Four Leaf Milling

Organic Flour Light 85% 20kg Four Leaf Milling ACO

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Also known as bran reduced wholewheat flour, atta flour or unbleached flour. Derived from the 100% wholewheat flour, about half the bran is removed leaving approximately 85% of the original whole grain. This makes a finer textured dough and is suitable for lighter cakes, pastries, pasta, biscuits, pancakes. It is fantastic for making bread in bread machines. Just use the wholemeal recipe that came with your machine.


Certified Organic Wheat Grain
Store in a cool, dry place.
Average Quantity Per Serve Per 100g
Serving Size(g) 100
Energy(kJ) 1470
Protein(g) 11.4
Total Fat(g) 2.1
Saturated Fat(g) <1
Carbohydrate(g) 65.3
Sugar(g) <1
Sodium(mg) 5