Our Mission:

To inspire healthy and sustainable living by promoting consumption choices which are in favour of preserving the environment.


What We Believe In:

Foodlum believes we all have a natural inclination to do good. Provided with ample education and viable options good choices will be made. The hundreds of choices we make each day impact the environment. Sometimes it’s a big decision, sometimes it’s as small as changing your toothbrush. 

The collective impact achieved through conscious positive collaboration with others on a common cause can be a powerful vehicle for change in favour of our environment and preserving it for our kids and future generations.


Who We Serve:

Foodlum caters to community-minded individuals who value living a healthy, sustainable and fulfilling life, whilst respecting the environment. It is our intent to promote and nurture communities that share these values. 


Community / Group Buying 

Community / group-buying helps facilitate bulk buying and all the benefits that come from it like reducing plastic packaging, accessing fresh produce and saving $.

Community or group-buying members can be a group of individuals, families, friends or businesses who normally live within close proximity to each other, they come together to buy food in bulk. The buying group can be as small as a few members who shared similar values and requirements around food purchasing and consumption. Once the bulk purchase has been finalized, each member pays for their portion. Foodlum then delivered it to a designated member where the food is distributed among the members. 


Our Primary Environmental Focus

Plastic waste! 

Reduce the consumption of plastic, particularly single or limited use plastic in the packaging of food, body and beauty products.


Our Products are Plastic Free 

Our food, body and beauty products, and their packaging are all plastic-free. We are somewhat hardcore about this and we want to build a reputation for being just that. So when it comes to making a purchase from us, you know we’ve thought through every aspect of delivering a product to your door that is 100% plastic-free.  If we can not source products that fit our plastic-free profile, generally we will not offer them.

There are three exceptions to this rule. 

  1. When occupational health and safety standards require the product to be made, or partly composed of plastic packaging. An example of this is the packaging of certain processed food items such as cheese. Plastic is the industry standard used to package cheese for safe transport and storage. Our solution to this problem is to promote bulk purchases. You will not find individually plastic wrapped 150gm pieces of cheese, but you will find 1kg and larger portions. Whenever possible, we will reduce plastic and save money at the same time.

  2. When multi-use plastic is used to eliminate single-use plastic.  In these cases no natural, glass, ceramic or metal alternatives are available, and the use of plastic should be minimal. An example of this is silicone and plastic used in “reusable on the go coffee cups”.

  3. Multi-use plastic products that incorporate innovation to help eliminate single-use plastic. The innovation must address a clear functional need (not cosmetic) and provide benefits that plastic-free alternatives do not.


Take this quick quiz:

Which of the three “On the go coffee cups” would Foodlum NOT offer based on the above criteria?

  1. Stainless-steel container with plastic lid 
  2. All plastic/silicone container and a plastic lid that is compactable and ultra-portable
  3. All plastic/silicone container and plastic lid


All three options are “reusable, on-the-go Coffee Cups”.

Option 1. uses the least amount of plastic so it gets a big tick from us. 

Although Option 2. is entirely made from plastic/silicone its innovative, compact and ultra-portable feature will be attractive to people who would otherwise buy single-use coffee cups, because they are unable to store a bulky reusable coffee cup, for this reason, it gets our seal of approval.

Option 3. is all plastic/silicone construction offers no benefit over 1. or 2. and would not be offered.


Our Business Model

  • Deliver produce from the farm gate to plate as quickly as possible without storage to reduce packaging and deliver real freshness 
  • Encourage bulk buying and community buying to reduce packaging
  • Source products that are not made from  plastic or have plastic packaging
  • Source artisan over mass-production
  • Source locally wherever possible


Leadership & Innovation

We believe we have to innovate to change the status quo of more plastic waste to feed growing consumption. Our vision is to reverse this trend by reducing food packaging. We plan to do this by bypassing supermarket supply chains ( this mean no transit storage) and encouraging bulk buying via community / group buying. 

We value open communication.  Listening and being open to suggestions and feedback is very important to us because what we are doing here is new and has not really been done before. Although we are working hard, we are not as arrogant as to think we have all the answers.  We require you the customer to provide input to help deliver this vision, and there will be opportunities for individuals and communities to do so.