Why Foodlum?


"It's fresh!" is the first thing you'll hear anyone selling produce say. The reality is, once produce has been harvested, the decay process starts immediately, so too does the decline in flavour and nutritional value. There are all sorts of tricks like plastic wrapping and cold storage to extend produce life, but this only keeps it looking aesthetically appealing, and it comes at a cost to the flavour and nutritional content. 

Sourcing and delivering produce that is flavoursome and nutritious is a central cornerstone of our business. We plan to do this by getting fresh produce from the farm gate or market to your kitchen bench as quickly as possible, within 6 hours. Our aim is to put flavour and nutrients back into produce by bypassing the supermarket supply chain. We will do this by not storing or repackaging produce.

The only storage of fruit and veg will occur in your refrigerator.

This allows produce to ripen on the plant and not in distribution or storage cool rooms. Read more on our blog, “Where has the flavour and nutrition of produce gone?”



That's right! Foodlum provides identifying grower information on all fresh organic produce sold.  This provides you the opportunity to choose which grower you prefer for any particular fruit or vegetable purchase. Why is this important and valuable?

Well, each organic piece of fruit or vegetable came from somewhere and was grown and harvested by someone. It's easy to look at them as eatable commodities with generic coloring, flavor and texture. However, climate, soil and farming techniques makes each fruit and vegetable unique. By knowing who the grower is, you are able to identify and sample variation in the produce you are consuming and eventually settle on your preferred grower. We know this choice is special and appreciate by many but it's rarely made available, we at Foodlum want to change this.



Because we bypass the fruit and veg supply chains, our produce gets from farm-gate or market to the plate direct. There is no need to plastic wrap / plastic package produce to extend shelf life. This is a ploy used by fruit and veg retailers reliant on large supply chains to deliver produce that may look fresh but is anything but.

Because we only offer bulk purchase of our fruit,veg and bulk foods, it means there are no small portions which mean less packaging, less plastic and less waste.


We want you to know that our mandate to reduce plastic and source products that deliver on this goal is very important to us, this includes all the products we offer including fresh produce. However, plastic packaging is stubbornly embedded in certain areas for the fresh fruit and veg industry an example are berry punnets.   We are working with farmers to deliver natural alternatives to plastic packaging, please note this is work that is in progress and we welcome your feedback and support.