Community / Bulk purchasing - How It Works

How It Works

  1. Gather family, friends, and neighbours who have a similar food bias and live close by

  2. Determine what to Buy: Discuss among yourselves what to order (a comprehensive list of all produce will be available on our website). A sizing guide to help you order the right amount of bulk fruit and Veg for your community / Group is provided HERE.

  3. Social share your bulk purchase: Using our Wishlist technology you are able to ask your social network if anyone is interested sharing in a bulk purchase, it's a great way to build a community buying group.

  4. Choose one member of the group to place the order on behalf of the buying group by adding each item to the cart. 

  5. Select your order: You can easily browse all the Fruit and Veg or use our ultra fast search engine to refine your search to a list of fruit, vegetables or specific produce by typing "Fruit" or "Veg" or "gala apples" in the search bar. If you type just "apples" you'll get a listing of all available apples.

    Make sure your cart totals at least $70 which is minimum purchase amount.

  6. Payment: Once your cart is complete determine if one person is paying for the whole order or if payment is to be split between various the members of your buying group.

    If you plan to split the payment between various members of your buying group then click “Split Payments”, you will be prompted to include each members email address and the amount they have agreed to pay for their portion. You will pay your portion at the check out and an invoice will be emailed to each member of the buying group for their share of the purchase. When all members have paid their share, the order will be placed and produce will be delivered to the ship to address.

    If one person is paying for the whole order click "Check Out"and proceed with payment.

  7. Delivery:  Deliveries are available on Monday and Thursday. The order delivery windows are:

    To receive deliveries on Monday - Place orders between 5:31 pm Wednesday and 5:30 pm Sunday. We will provide you with a notification email a few hours before this order window closes.

    To receive deliveries on Thursday - Place orders between 5:31 pm Sunday and 5:30 pm Wednesday. We will provide you with a notification email a few hours before this order window closes.

    If your order is placed in one order deliver window but would like delivery on the day associated with the other deliver window, please specify this in the comments area of your cart. For example, if you place your order at 4 pm Sunday, the default delivery would be for Monday. However, if delivery is required on Thursday, you can request this in the comments area of your cart.

    Produce pricing and availability will be updated on our website on Fridays and Tuesdays.

  8. Delivery destination: Normally bulk purchases will be delivered to one location, identified in the ship to address. If there is more than one purchaser in the buying group It is the responsibility of the group members to distribute the Fruit and Veg between themselves. 

    Covid19 delivery update: To help facilitate social distancing.within buying groupsFoodlum will distribute and deliver the bulk purchase to members of the buying group, provided there are  clear directions on "who gets what",  otherwise it will be delivered to one address, the ship to address. This services is be provided free of charge.

  9. Direct market to door delivery: Your fruit and veg orders are delivered from the market to your door the same day, typically within 3-4 hours, there is no storage or repackaging.

What you Need to Know

  1. Currently, Fresh Produce deliveries are only available in Sydney Metro
  2. The minimum order amount is $70, this includes free Delivery

Where we deliver to:

If you live outside the nominated delivery area please contact us 

It’s Fresh!! I mean it’s really fresh!!

Our fresh produce delivery goal is 3-4 hours market to you.

" It's fresh!" is the first thing you'll hear anyone selling produce say. The reality is, once produce has been harvested, the decay process starts immediately, so too does the decline in flavour and nutritional value. There are all sorts of tricks like plastic wrapping and cold storage to extend produce life, but this only keeps it looking aesthetically appealing, and it comes at a cost to the flavour and nutritional content. 

Sourcing and delivering produce that is flavoursome and nutritious is a central cornerstone of our business. We plan to do this by getting fresh produce from the farm gate or market to the plate as quickly as possible. Our aim is to put flavour and nutrients back into produce by bypassing the supermarket supply chain. We will do this by not storing or repackaging produce.

The only storage of fruit and veg will occur in your refrigerator.

This allows produce to ripen on the plant and not in distribution or storage cool rooms which is the case with supermarkets. Read more on our blog, “Where has the flavour and nutrition of produce gone?”

Reducing Plastic!

Because we bypass the fruit and veg supply chains, our produce gets from farm-gate or market to the plate direct. There is no need to plastic wrap / plastic package produce to extend shelf life. This is a ploy used by fruit and veg retailers reliant on large supply chains to deliver produce that may look fresh but is anything but.

Because we only offer bulk purchasing of our fruit and veg, it means there are no small portions which mean less packaging, less plastic and less waste.

Working with our farmers to reduce Plastic

We want you to know that our mandate to reduce plastic and source products that deliver on this goal is very important to us, this includes all the products we offer including fresh produce. However, plastic packaging is stubbornly embedded in certain areas for the fresh fruit and veg industry an example are  berry punnets.   We are working with farmers to deliver natural alternatives to plastic packaging, please note this is work that is in progress and we welcome your feedback and support.