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Ethique Body Sampler - Collection of Body Product Bars

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Ethique's sample range of body products are out of this world! These fantastic bars replace most of the body wash and deodorant plastic bottles in your bathroom, that's a big tick for the environment while delivering on quality and pampering your body.  It contains the following five samples;

Sweet Orange and Vanilla Créme Bodywash Bar
Sweet Orange and Vanilla Créme bodywash bar is designed specifically for those with sensitive skin, or those who just want a super hydrating bodywash. It produces a creamy, low bubble lather and contains loads of creamed coconut butter and a little clay to get you clean, without drying you out.

Lime and Ginger Body Polish Bar
Scrub & moisturise from tip to toe with creamy cocoa butter, luscious lime and polishing pumice. Infused with lime and ginger. This Body Polish is both sweet and zingy, refreshing the senses and softening the skin. The perfect body scrub for all skin types.

Glow Solid Deodorant Bar- Lavender and Vanilla
Glow is a gentle solid deodorant bar for all skin types. Helps prevent body odor and lessen sweating. The deodorant is made without aluminium and baking soda. Glow is formulated with a mix of aloe vera, bamboo and yeast extracts. This Glow deodorant is infused with lavender and vanilla for a sweet smell.

Butter Block Bar- Coconut & Lime Body Lotion
Launch of the Coconut & Lime Butter Block Body Lotion. All butter blocks are made with 100% pure essential oils and butters, no fragrances. Organic cocoa butter from the Dominican Republic, organic coconut oil from Samoa and pure essential oils are used to create a bar that is easy to use, supremely hydrating and fabulous for heels, elbows or anywhere else needing a little extra tlc.

Bodywash Bar- Pumice, Teatree & Spearmint
The bodywash bars are soap, handmade with butters, essential oils and fresh ingredients to leave you clean and delicious smelling. Blended with spearmint the smell is gentle but refreshing. Non-drying but with lots of creamy lather.

Each sample weighs between 10-20g giving you ample chance to try each product. The samples come stylishly packaged in a box which is 100% compostable.