Sampler shampoo & conditioner bars by Ethique
Ethique's sample shampoo & conditioner bars


Ethique Hair Sampler - A Collection of shampoo and conditioner bars

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Try out Ethique's amazing range of shampoo and conditioner bars in one sample pack. Once you've tried them you will never go back to the liquid format and you'll be eliminating the plastic bottles they came in. You're doing good for the environment while not compromising on quality. The sample contains the following five hair products.

Frizz Wrangler

Shampoo for those of you who abuse your hair with hot irons, curlers, hair dryers or bleach, Frizz Wrangler is for you. Supremely smoothing without weighing your hair down making your hair silky smooth and easy to style. Made from samoan coconut and cocoa butter along with a host of other divine ingredients. Best in tandem with our solid conditioner, The Guardian (also included).

Heali Kiwi
The Heali Kiwi Shampoo! For those who suffer from scalp problems, this bar is chock full of kiwifruit oil, coconut oil, neem oil, oats and karanja oil. Great for sensitive scalps.

This wonderful solid conditioner bar also doubles as a shaving bar and an in-shower moisturiser for those with sensitive skin. Not only that but it lasts up to five months with regular use and smells fantastic. Coconut oil alongside cocoa butter and Vitamin B5 make this super effective and guilt free.

Saint Clements
Shampoo for people with oily hair. There are no harsh 'stripping' surfactants (foaming agents) which just create more oil, nor is there any silicone. We use lime & orange oils to balance oil production, clean the scalp and freshen your hair up. Leaves your hair perfect without the need for a conditioner as there are humectants in there which draw moisture to your hair, without the oil. Perfect!

The Guardian
The Guardian shampoo was created for those people who suffer from very dry, very damaged or frizzy hair. Containing lots of cocoa butter, coconut oil, vitamin B5 and zesty lime oil, it will tame your frizz, hydrate dry hair and make your hair look smooth and lush (it won't repair your hair, it is impossible to repair something that is dead.) The Guardian can also be used as a shaving bar or an in-shower moisturiser.

Each sample weighs between 10-20g giving you ample chance to try each product. The samples come in a stylish box, which is 100% compostable.